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Unicorn Towne

An adorable all ages unicorn coloring book set in a magical town filled with unicorns and their friends


A magical place for all creatures big and small! This is a playful, jolly and whimsical coloring book for kids or really anyone that loves to color adorable creatures. This unicorn coloring book immerses you into a new world of fun. There are unicorns out camping, unicorns making birthday cake, dancing, skateboarding, playing hockey, even going for a hot balloon ride! 

  • TWO SETS of 25 original illustrations so you can color in one and give the next set to a friend, or try alternative color combinations

  • Detailed full scenes & backgrounds

  • Quite possibly the cutest unicorn coloring book ever made, but we are biased

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

25 original unicorn illustrations by Liudmila Kosechkina