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Tinyland Minipets Vol 1: Guineas and Hamsters

Tinyland Minipets Vol 1: Guineas and Hamsters

An adorable coloring book filled with smol hammies and guinea pigs living their best lives - TINY!



This adorable coloring book features 30 original illustrations depicting various scenes in Tiny Land that center on the lives of squishy, cute & oh-so-charming guinea pigs & hamsters. These wee little critters love to read, slide down ice cream cones, dance, garden, even surf! Their houses, hobbies & chores offer a wide variety of scenes to color that are too cute to handle. Each page has it’s own notes section with a numbered page behind, which makes keeping track of your mediums a breeze.. Illustrated by the whimsical Sepideh Pankia in her lovely signature style.

  • 30 original illustrations 

  • 30 blackout illustrations with coloring notes, quick swatches and the image name (great for buddy-coloring!)

  • Each image is a full scene with background details

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

Anchor 1

30 original illustrations hand drawn by Sepideh Paknia