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The Coloring Hive is a bespoke brand of coloring books made for artists by artists who love to share this glorious creative outlet we call coloring.


We're known for our unique layouts.

Our books offer swatching pages, note sections, blackout images, custom designs & single sided pages.


We credit our artists

We noticed many brands publish under one name that sounds like a person, but isn't - and you can't find more of their books as a result.

Our brand was founded in 2020 by a Canadian Metis fine artist and coloring enthusiast with autism, anxiety and sensory disorders. The Coloring Hive is on a mission to support global mental health through inclusive creative therapy that credits, honors and builds creatives. Our books are 100% original. Utterly unique. Beautifully hand illustrated.


We strive to design coloring books with your experience in mind, while making a positive impact on the world.

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Designed with coloring in mind

Your Coloring Hive books are lovingly designed to enhance the experience. 

All of our print books include:

  • a color wheel with coloring tips

  • swatching section in the front

  • bespoke name plate page

  • single sided images, always!

Bonus layout options in our print books:

  • coloring notes section next to each image

  • quick swatch sections

  • blackout illustrations

  • name / number pages

  • information sections on the illustrations in the book 

  • duplicate sets of images

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Support your new favorite artists

Your Coloring Hive books are lovingly illustrated by artists from around the world. Many of them have probably drawn books you already have, but you wouldn't even know. Why? Thanks to the Amazon Overlords, it's become common practice for some publishers to create a brand or "pen" name that sounds like a person, but isn't. We know how frustrating it is when you find a style you love but can't find it anywhere else, so we want to make it easy for you to discover and support more artists on your coloring journey by naming them. It also helps grow their career and creates more opportunities so they can continue doing what they love. Win-win!

We are a purposeful publishing brand on a mission to design incredible custom coloring books that are well designed, high impact, and properly accredited.