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We are based out of Canada, but work with freelancers from across the world.

 Meet Our Artists 


Sepideh Paknia

Sepideh Paknia lives in Turkey and has been a commercial fine artist since 2005. Her passion for creating fantasy artwork lead her down the path of illustrating for children and she has never looked back. She is focused on character design for both children and adults, and loves to create pieces that are joyful, whimsical and imaginative. 

Books by this artist:
Dragonland - Shop Now
Monsterland - Shop Now

Alvaro Madero

Alvaro lives in Mexico, and specialises in children's book illustration He loves creating unique, cute and funny characters for kids to enjoy, and has been a professional illustrator for 8 years.

Books by this artist:
Space Monsters - Shop Now

Liudmila Kosechkina

Liudmila has been working as a freelance illustrator for over three years. Before that, she was a teacher at school, which why she loves to draw for children in her signature style cute and kind characters living in a funny and friendly world. She lives in St. Petersburg with two sons

Books by this artist:
Unicorn Towne - Shop Now


Viktoria Kleyn

Viktoria lives in Orenburg, Russia, working full time as a professional illustrator focused on fantasy and animal art. She loves creating concepts and designs that spark a sense of whimsy and magic!

Website - Instagram - DeviantArt - Etsy

Books by this artist:
Christmas Critters - Shop Now
Bewitching Beasts - Shop Now

Micaela Stefano

Micaela Stefano is a children's book illustrator living and working full time in Argentina with book clients around the world. She is known for creating joyful characters in her unique style.

Books by this artist:
Mermaid Alphabet - Shop Now

Gillian R. Wilson

Gillian R. Wilson is a fine artist, writer, and designer that lives in Northern Alberta where it gets really cold in the winter and really hot in the summer. She has been drawing as early as she had crayons, and went to university for fine art and design before going into corporate sales and marketing. Gillian loves to produce art in a variety of subjects and styles, so long as she isn't bored. Her love of fantasy and science fiction shows in her work, but Gillian also enjoys drawing portraits of people and animals.

Books by this artist:
Egg Mandalas - Shop Now
Mercurial Mandalas -
Shop Now


Kell Kitsch

Kell Kitsch (also known as Kyoko 本名は きょうこ ボーデン) is a Japanese-Australian artist/illustrator/animator who creates stories, characters, and make-believe worlds. She is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Website - Instagram - Arstation - Etsy

Books by this artist:
Mythological Monsters - Shop Now

Liskelly Auyadermont

Liskelly lives in Venezuela studying as a nursing student, and in her spare time she is a phenomenal artist who specialises in coloring book illustrations. She adores creating beautiful portraits of women that are inclusive and body positive, with a healthy dollop of the magical and mythical.

Books by this artist:
Modern Witch - Shop Now

Radana Planka

Radana Planka is Czech fine artist. As child she often used ink and pen, diligently working on her craft before attending the University of Art in Ostrava, where she studied paper art and book illustration directly under Eliška Čabalová. Her work has won many competitions and been shown in museums and galleries across eastern Europe.

Books by this artist:
Bottled Magic - Shop Now
Endangered Plantimals - Shop Now


Sara Masperi

Sara is an Italian illustrator and 3D Artist. After art school she started to work as a concept artist and ZBrush tutor and teacher in IMasterArt Academy (Milan) for a year. After this experience, she started work as freelance illustrator for children's books and as 3D sculptor. Meanwhile she’s collaborating with an animation Studios as a Character Designer for a children's animated cartoon series. She loves to create immersive worlds to get lost in.

Website - Instagram - Arstation

Books by this artist:
Elemental Beasts - Shop Now

Alina Tkachenko

Alina Lives in the Ukraine, and is a successful professional illustrator. She loves creating unique books and is known for her highly imaginative, whimsical style. Her books are bestsellers for a reason!

Books by this artist:
Witch Apothecary - Shop Now

Veronika Kolomiets

Veronika lives in Kiev, Ukraine, and specialises in fine art illustration. She adores creating intricate and immersive art experiences! She is particularly known for her stunning detailed designs and illustrations, which she draws by hand starting with pencil sketches.

Books by this artist:
Faerie World - Shop Now


Melisa Labra

Melisa Lives in the Argentina, and is a successful professional illustrator. She loves creating unique artwork that is welcoming, joyful and beautiful! Her character illustration and world building are exquisite, and we love her creative spirit.

Books by this artist:
Modern Fae - Shop Now

Anna Dolinina

Anna lives in Russia and is a professional artist focused on book and fashion illustration. She loves working on portraits, hair, fashion, and anything historical, and does excellent research on her subjects.

Books by this artist:
Global Goddesses - Shop Now

Meine Nguyen

Meine is originally from Vietnam, and at the time of this publication is obtaining her BA in Design Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, and is a passionate artist with a bright future.

Books by this artist:
Seasons of (lgbtq+) Love - Shop Now


Kateryna Salii

Kateryna Salii lives in Kiev, Ukraine and is an up and coming illustrator who loves creating art that can change the world. She has a background in business finance, so talk about having both left right brain skills!

Books by this artist:
The Body Positive Coloring Book - Shop Now

Ekateryna Bogomolova

Ekaterina lives in Ukraine, and specialises in fashion illustration She adores creating trendy and diverse characters living their best lives. Her books are our bestsellers in the UK, and she's got more coming out with us. Stay tuned...

Books by this artist:
Modern Fashion - Shop Now

Charlotte Engelsen

Charlotte lives in Os, Norway, Which is tiny town in already a tiny country. Charlotte started drawing as early as she can remember, and worked ever since on creating art that is fun, expressive and unique. She loves to let people view our world through a different lens, and focuses her work on nature, animals and people, often with some kind of a fun twist.

Books by this artist:
Animal Mamas - Shop Now
Boho Beasts - Shop Now