Stylish Dog Mamas

A beginner friendly & inclusive fashion coloring book


Stylish Dog Mamas is a DIVERSE fashion coloring book entirely dedicated to the dogs! Because what better life accessory is there than a loyal, gorgeous pupper and the hair they’ll decorate you with? Like people, all dogs are different - but one thing is for sure: Dog is truly woman’s best friend. Simply put, life is better with them around! Whether you love a hiking companion, baking buddy or poolside pooch, there is a pup for everyone to enjoy in this gorgeous book hand Illustrated by fashion artist Ekateryna Bogomolova.

  • Gorgeous drawings of a variety of women with their dogs sporting a range of styles that are a joy to color. An amazing way to express your own unique fashion sense and love of dogs!

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

  • Coloring swatch section at front of book 

  • numbered blackout designs with coloring notes section to accompany each image

25 original fashion illustrations by Ekateryna Bogomolova