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Spookytown Halloween

An adorable coloring book filled adorable, charming Halloween scenes perfect for the season 

Cute AND spooky


This is an all ages coloring book that offers 30 adorable, charming illustrations that are on point for spooky season!! Each vignette features hilarious characters and scenes that will immediately put you in the mood for Halloween. Coloring book artist Sepideh Paknia has done it again with her signature drawing style that is perfect for both children and adults. Each page is thoughtfully titled as if it were a chapter book.

  • 30 original illustrations 

  • 30 blackout illustrations with coloring notes, quick swatches and the image name (great for buddy-coloring!)

  • Each image is a full scene with background details

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

Anchor 1

30 original illustrations hand drawn by Sepideh Paknia