Spookytown Halloween

An adorable coloring book filled adorable, charming Halloween scenes perfect for the season 

Cute AND spooky


This is an all ages coloring book that offers 30 adorable, charming illustrations that are on point for spooky season!! Each vignette features hilarious characters and scenes that will immediately put you in the mood for Halloween. Coloring book artist Sepideh Paknia has done it again with her signature drawing style that is perfect for both children and adults. Each page is thoughtfully titled as if it were a chapter book.

  • 30 original illustrations 

  • 30 blackout illustrations with coloring notes, quick swatches and the image name (great for buddy-coloring!)

  • Each image is a full scene with background details

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided


30 original illustrations hand drawn by Sepideh Paknia

The Technical Details

Spookytown Halloween is an all ages coloring book drawn with a medium line weight that works with most coloring tools. The images are loosely detailed, so they are perfect for those who love flowing lines and simple-yet-adorable artwork to sink into.

*If using markers, be aware that print on demand books only offer 60 lb paper, which is not suitable for a heavy layering coloring style with markers*

This is a lineart coloring book that has no shading and is not available in greyscale.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium, depending on your coloring style

Suggested Mediums: markers, pencils, crayons, gel pens


 Click to turn the page 

 We're known for our unique layouts. 

We treat each coloring book as an individual. Some get numbered pages, some get names, some get blackout images, some don't. We are always experimenting to refine the design inside our books. Let us know your favorite style!

 Layout styling details of the Spookytown Halloween coloring book: 

    • Between each image is a named blackout page to prevent bleed through and make space for the coloring notes section.

    • Behind the blackout page is the coloring notes section, which sits to the left of the coloring image. We have updated this section with larger swatches and a smaller notes area!

    • There is no design on the back of the image, so you will not need to worry about bleed through unless you are a very heavy marker user, which we don't truly recommend with print on demand paper

    • You can take out any image and frame it!

    • Images are placed on an inset border

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About the Artist

Sepideh Paknia lives in Turkey and has been a commercial fine artist since 2005. Her passion for creating fantasy artwork lead her down the path of illustrating for children and she has never looked back. She is focused on character design for both children and adults, and loves to create pieces that are joyful, whimsical and imaginative.

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