Seasons of Love LGBTQ+ Coloring Journal

Seasons of Love LGBTQ+ Coloring Journal

With fill in the blank prompts to complete as a thoughtful gift! 


Seasons of Love is a concept that marries a queer relationship journal, love letter, & an activity book all into one. With 25 gorgeously illustrated optional coloring pages by the ridiculously talented up and coming artist Meine Nguyen, PLUS 50 other fun activities like writing prompts, LGBTQ+ Bingo, This or That, doodle prompts, sayings and quotes from famous historical LGBTQ+ figures, this book will draw out all the joy, love and devotion you have for your partner. The prompts inside will inspire you to reflect and share how much your person truly means to you. 

  • 25 original illustrations that are optional to color - you can also leave them blank as they are gorgeous illustrations to accompany your words

  • drawn with a thick line weight so if you do want to get coloring

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

25 original hand drawn illustrations by Meine Nguyen


The Technical Details

Seasons of Love LGBTQ+ Coloring Journal is adult and teen friendly, drawn with a lovely clean medium-thick line weight that works with most coloring tools. The images are mild to extremely detailed, and vary in difficulty for those that love to "stay within the lines". However, we would argue this book is perfect for experiments, monochrome hues, even going over the entire image with a highlighter and white out could offer some very cool effects with minimal effort.

This Coloring Journal is unlike anything we've ever published. It is part coloring book, part relationship journal with inspirational quotes and prompts (from prominent LGBTQ+ figures in history!), part activity book and also part LBTQ+ gift. There are 50+ prompts, activities and quotes, plus 25 original illustrations to color in or leave blank. The artwork is there to adorn your words of love as the prompts take you through all the things you treasure about the relationship you have with your LBGTQ+ partner.

*If using markers, be aware that print on demand books only offer 60 lb paper, which is not suitable for a heavy layering coloring style with markers*

This is a lineart coloring book that has no shading and is not available in greyscale.

Difficulty Level: medium

Suggested Mediums: markers, pencils, crayons, gel pens

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About the Artist

Meine is originally from Vietnam, and at the time of this publication is obtaining her BA in Design Communication at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, and is a passionate artist with a bright future.

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