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Mercurial Mandalas

A unique, quirky mandala coloring book with intricate designs and boho features


Mercurial Mandalas is a unique, quirky pattern coloring book that offers a mandala to suit every mood. Look closely; there are hidden worlds within worlds within these mesmerising, magical mandalas. It's absolutely full of unique designs that cleverly incorporate origami dogs, dragons, kangaroos and cats. There are tons of gems, sneaky eyes, owls, jellyfish, mountains, rainbows, ladybugs and flowers - can you spot them all? Get lost in the meditative act of coloring with a Mandala book like no other.

  • 30 original Mandalas's

  • Totally unique, quirky designs unlike any mandalas's you've ever seen!

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

  • Coloring swatch section at front of book

  • 30 Numbered and named blackout designs with coloring notes behind

30 original hand drawn mandalas by Gillian R. Wilson