Floral Funghi

An ethereal bloomin' mushroom coloring book


Floral Funghi is a delicate, dreamy adult coloring book that contains 30 original hand drawn illustrations by botanical FINE artist Alyona Usenko. Each image is drenched with a variety of fluffy blooms, shrooms, and lovely greenery for hours of mindful entertainment. Printed on single sided pages so you can save your work. Experiment with colors, hues, mediums, blends and more thanks to the huge variety of plant types available to you for hours of relaxing coloring fun.

  • 30 original illustrations that are optional to color - you can also leave them blank as they are gorgeous illustrations to accompany your words

  • Numbered blackout designs between each image with coloring notes, which fold out next to your image. Super handy! Especially if you love identifying mushrooms... There are some tropical babies in here!

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

30 original hand drawn illustrations by Alyona Usenko


The Technical Details

Floral Funghi is an adult and teen friendly plant coloring book, drawn with a lovely thin line weight that works particularly well with penci