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Frequently Asked Questions

Production Questions

1. Why do we print on demand?
Our goal is to produce high quality, sustainable, affordable coloring books for people of varying tastes and budgets. While we love the idea of printing and storing books produced with thick, luxurious paper, this comes at a cost unless we ship from overseas and print in China. Since our customers are across the globe, print on demand services like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other platforms we are exploring allow us to offer exceptionally high quality coloring images at an affordable price, without environmentally unfriendly storing and shipping large quantities. Long term, we'd like to have a printing partner in each major market, producing small batches of great quality books locally. Until this time, we also offer digital downloads for customers who'd like to obtain thicker paper and print themselves at home or at a local print shop.
2. Do we take wholesale or special orders?
The short answer is... yes! We have a network of printers across several major markets, so if you'd like to work on a custom wholesale order, we have the agility and flexibility to make that happen.

1. Can you sell colored in pages for profit?

Sadly, no - the original artwork and copyright belongs to the artist, and the purchase of coloring pages are not licensed for resale. The original illustrators might decide to sell their own colored in prints of their work, and it's their livelihood + rights to keep.

Customer Questions

2. Are we taking submissions from artists for future books?

Not at this time, but if you would like to be notified when this changes, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter, where we announce calls to submit for specific projects! 

Customer Questions

3. How does someone get on the street team for reviews?

We get asked this one a lot! Ideally, we like to manage a small but loyal team of individuals with established coloring channels / platforms to provide reviews. If this is you, we'd love to have you submit a request to work together here!

Customer Questions
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