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Elemental Beasts

A Fantasy themed coloring book full of spectacular mystical creatures!


Like some kind of magical encyclopedia, this gorgeous coloring book offers 30 original creatures from both fiction and legend for those who Unicorns, Elhorns, Pegasus, Dragons, Jackalopes and winged Lynx, flying lionfish, three eyed lions... even ancient giant seaturtles grace these highly imaginative scenes. With names like "Aurora Bearealis" and "Grassland Goddess", this coloring book for teens and adults is deeply inspired by Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

  • Detailed full scenes & backgrounds

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

  • Coloring notes and numbered title pages between each illustration to prevent bleed through

  • unique, ethereal coloring experience

30 original illustrations by Sara Masperi