Eccentric Egg Mandalas

A spring themed quirky mandala coloring book with intricate designs and boho features


Eccentric Egg Mandalas is a unique, quirky Easter / Spring pattern coloring book that offers a mandala to suit every mood. Look closely; there are hidden worlds within worlds within these mesmerising, magical egg mandalas. It's absolutely full of unique designs that cleverly incorporate butterflies, birds, plants and gems. Get lost in the meditative act of coloring with a Mandala book like no other.

  • Totally unique, quirky egg shaped designs unlike any mandalas's you've ever seen!

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

  • Coloring swatch section at front of book

  • 25 Numbered and named blackout designs with coloring notes behind

25 original hand drawn mandalas illustrated by Gillian R. Wilson

The Technical Details

Eccentric Egg Mandalas is an all ages coloring book drawn with a thin line weight that works with most coloring tools. The images are medium to very detailed, and are particularly suited to gel pens.

*If using markers, be aware that print on demand books only offer 60 lb paper, which is not suitable for a heavy layering coloring style with markers*

This is a lineart coloring book that has no shading and is not available in greyscale.

Difficulty Level: medium

Suggested Mediums: markers, pencils, crayons, gel pens