Bountiful Harvest Coloring Book

Bountiful Harvest

A gorgeous fruit and veggie coloring book perfect to practice your plant shading!


Bountiful Harvest is part coloring book, part plant trivia book that truly celebrates what the earth and our farmers bring us! This book contains 25 Illustrations of fruits and vegetables growing from their plants, absolutely perfect for days of relaxing entertainment any time of year. The crisp, detailed line work of Irina Romanovsky’s compositions are just waiting for your favorite coloring pencils, markers and pens to bring these lush and tasty vignettes to life.

  • 25 original illustrations of up close intricate fruit and veggies ready to be harvested on their plants

  • between each image is a blankout page to prevent bleed, and on that page is a huge list of interesting facts about that fruit or vegetable! Behind the plant info sheets are coloring notes so you can keep track of your swatches as you color. So handy!

  • 8.5 x 11 & printed single sided

The Technical Details

Bountiful Harvest is an adult and teen oriented plant coloring book, drawn with a lovely thin line weight that works particularly well with pencils. The images are medium to extremely detailed, and vary in difficulty for those that love to stay within the lines.

*If using markers, be aware that print on demand books only offer 50-60 lb paper, which is not suitable for a heavy layering coloring style with markers*

This is a lineart coloring book that has no shading and is not available in greyscale.

Difficulty Level: medium, perfect to practice shading with pencils

Suggested Mediums: markers, pencils, crayons, gel pens

25 original fruit & veggie illustrations by Irina Romanovsky