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So is coloring, according to science. Hey, we aren't here to judge, but the math is out: paper + prompt + pigment = joy.

We like that equation just fine, but we added (original art) + (prose with purpose) to give you a modern, unique and quirky catalogue of adult coloring books, children's coloring books, journals, notebooks, planners, and activity books to choose from that all work hard to bring you joy.

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Disclosure: books do not address bad teeth, short eyelashes, ugly dog syndrome, carpenter ants in your walls, knuckle cracking, gremlins, poor taste in neckties, tone deafness, yodelling, or compulsive cartwheeling. We are a Canadian company, so we're terribly sorry about this. No, really.

The Coloring Hive

We work with artists from around the world to produce original coloring books that cover a wide variety of themes, difficulties, complexities and styles to suit every preference... all so you can color outside the lines anyways you sneaky rebel, you.

Kids Coloring Books

The Coloring Hive is on a mission to offer unique coloring books for kids that are a mix of educational and good old fashioned silly fun. Our titles will make you want to be a kid again.


Studies have shown that journalling can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence and a higher I.Q. For this reason, we feel that journals are as personal as underwear, and design accordingly.


Plotting for global domination? Need help organizing your days, weeks, months? What day is it, anyways? We aren't sure, and neither are you, which is why you need a planner (and so do we).

Adult Activity Books

The original game apps, activity books filled with word searches, puzzles and more have become excellent boredom busters during the pandemic. Try them out, give them as gifts, win the quarantine blues!

Kids Activity Books

Cheaper than a tamagotchi and lower maintenance, our fine children's activity books are just the thing to keep bright young minds occupied, learning, growing and glowing.

Art with heart, right from the start.

The Coloring Hive is a brand owned by Joltbook Publishing. Founded in 2020 by a fine artist, we are on a mission to produce a deep catalogue of highly original, unique and beautifully illustrated coloring books authored by professional artists from around the world. 100% original, just like you.

To color is only hue-man.

Everyone has their preferences, and the exciting sport of coloring is no different. Some of you like thick lines, some like thin and very intricate. Others like to color only mandalas, patterns and word art, while others brave full scenes that are as immersive and magical as the closet to Narnia.

Whatever floats your boat, we made it easy to search our catalogue! You can easily filter for all of these preferences to find the PERFECT coloring book for your next adventure. Will you be going to Dragon Land, Unicorn Towne, or the Witch Apothecary?

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Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to connect with other people who love coloring. We also host contests in our group, so if you're interested in free coloring supplies and other goodies, it's a great place to hang out.

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